Joint-stock company «Transmadis» (Lithuania) works in the market of the international freight traffic since 2001 and in the meantime has given a good account of itself as the reliable and responsible partner in the market of transportation services.

The company specialises on cargo delivering by road and sea transport, including storage of cargoes, loding and unloding cargoes, customs clearance in territory of the Russian Federation.

The transport - logistical scheme «door to door» is carried out.

Carrying capacity of the JSC "Transmadis" autopark vehicles (semitrailers) is:

  • 24 tons in EU territory;
  • 22 tons in territory of Russia.

Tilt volumes are 90 - 110 cubic metres. We have an ADR permission.

We have our representative in Moscow, that considerably raises quality of our service and gives the chance to our clients to save their time and to receive consultations, including:

  • discussion of optimal transport and customs logistical schemes;
  • coordination of carried out works;
  • preparation, registration and signing of the external economic contracts;
  • timely informing on a location of cargoes;
  • immediate reaction to emergent questions.

We perform calculations of transportation charges of import goods, customs duties payment, taxes and other calculations for our clients participation in tenders, auctions, competitions.